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Related article: Date: Thu, 1 00th August 2002 -0500 October 12 From: River Rat u003criverrat56 hotmail. com u003e Subject : Bright Angel Lodge was a very remote place in the exact center of nowhere. Navajo Bridge was a very desolate, and yet it is where my story starts, or just when it got interesting. Should be in my honeymoon, to see the great American West, but the reality was that s standing at the altar, and was now in a 'bad ' trip ', so I just is not all he knew in his eyes. When I think, was the most humiliating moment of my life. is the fall , autumn, devastating moment occurred in the sample, the the night before our wedding. The moment is frozen in them, when they announced before all could not go with him. I know it's a cliché, but ran down the aisle of the church and never seen again. Look into the eyes of his family and friends was the more, the penalty in their eyes itch, and drained me dry. I Prearranged details on our honeymoon, a trip to the Grand Canyon , with a luxury cabin at Bright Angel Lodge. It was a 3 day pass , but that does not matter what we would be together, so I thought. That was probably a bad idea, but I decided to make the trip anyway. My mom asked me not to voluntarily go to my brother together, but finally I n left alone in the early morning while everyone was asleep. I could not look in his eyes. When I reached the road, I felt cold and empty. I could not even beg ot an emotion, positive or negative, so I just drove. I yelled, cried and cried and cried and then laughed to the point that I fear I n. I walked past my hotel first book, still not enough rage in me. It took me four hours until I could not take my eyes open. I was in a rest area road turned the key, and sat. My bladder finally forced me to open the car door. air fresh mountain attack me. I had to dig fora wear layer. The bathroom was well lit, clean and felt safe. I stood at the urinal, I the eyes of handwritten messages about when and where someone signed Suck My Cock... terrible! I suddenly wondered if he would be safe, but a tired to care, I returned to my car for a much needed sleep. I was confused when I woke up. Sunlight shining on the glass, hurt my eyes. My muscles ached from sitting to sleeping. The need to a bathroom quickly became the main theme, and took the car. The change in the wheel, I tried to move my ​​erection to remove the wheel. I wake up every morning in my life, to get an erection, but after that fateful moment. I think it was a sign good that it was then. I made some quick adjustments in my shorts, as , I got up and went to disposal. I was not alone, but no matter, I had to pee. It was a little to be difficult, it made my underwear, but he finally did, even with a hearing. It was very difficult to pee, so I had to wait a bit. the man finished with me, before you start, there was a shake, shake a second, then I got inside. Our eyes met, when I looked, and I quickly looked away. Damn it ! I like knowing that hands are washed. A walk to comb a little, and eventually left. Finally alone. Over time I began to urinate, and felt so good. the message once again caught my attention and I read n write with fun light the various comments. Ended after the river, I was reading my cock in hand, upright part of what is offered in a state of shock. Without any consciousness thought, I realized that I cherished and now was fully erect to. My brain was broken back to reality when I heard the door open. I approached the porcelain when a man approached me, not only two urinals. was 30, Hispanic shorts and a tank top. Not even pretend to be humble, when he emigrated to lose their shorts and there was a cock lie. I was not evenUnderwear ! He picked it up and showed how pissed. I tried not to look, but I could not stop. had never seen a cock that big, and so sure that type needed to hide it. It quickly became a fast-moving and around, almost like a dance step. He washed his hands and went to the door. I was still thinking about riding the hand about what to do next. I was surprised by my own sexual excitement and thought I had died with the wedding of my s. Why this man had surprised me so much? N horny I was only in exceptional cases, ? Was the message wall chart ? There really is no difference only had to reduce to a given voltage. In the end I decided to take the safest way, typical of me. I moved quickly to a stable, where questions in my own hands. There was no real images of graphic graffiti in the barn. One thing was quite good penetration scene. I focused on me when I started my pump the shaft. I stopped when I heard someone enter. It was then that I notic n is a hole small on the wall. When the man approached the urinal, I had a aerial view of his cock. When he left, quickly my caresses, and my burden before Underage Lolitas spitting on the toilet paper. was stronger than I expected, and missed the first wave and ended in my shorts and underwear at the ankles. I took a few minutes to clean , and the wet spot was wet and slippery, as I pulled my pants. I hate it! I felt more human after that. The numbness was gone and replaced with of curiosity and wonder of my surroundings. I turned on the radio and singing country music. I have breakfast in the nearest city, a full gas tank , and I was on my way. At night, desperately needed a shower and a good bed. Consult a map, I decided that Page, Arizona would be the logical place for the night. It was not last quarter, and soon found myself enjoying a nice hot shower. I was surprised by my excitement, I washed my cock, knowing that was alivand wanted to survive and n. I got into my Speedo and went to the pool. There was a modest pool, but the water was great, I threw some rounds in. and then escalated into a chase lounge. The warm sun was great in the skin. I quickly covered myself with sunscreen and headed to for a while. I awoke to the sound of a man put his things in a nearby chair. My sunglasses hid my eyes as I watched him for a while. that looked about my age, sandy blonde hair and brown eyes. He was very diligently covered with sunscreen, and his body shone with oil. His wife was just in time to help with your back. I turned to on my forehead, and continued to watch play in the pool. Your contact was intimate and I felt excited and jealous of their contact. Underage Lolitas I s covered by the growing tail with a towel and walked into the room. After a second shower and a quick dinner, I was ready for some quiet time television. In a cable channel, I found some soft porn, which is sufficienst to arouse my enthusiasm. I dressed, took some lotion, , and the whole movement of a lush and relaxing orgasm to please anyone, but I n. I was on the verge of orgasm and then down. I special attention to my balls that rolled around and enjoy the the area behind them. I slid my fingers back and forth, and even fell a way down and ran over my anus, causing a shiver down my the spine. More lotion, blow, and the fingers more and more, and I n Finally, my relief was spewing cum all over my chest. Well, not the honeymoon they had planned, but so far, I have experienced sexual new adventure, but with no one but me. On day 3, he had a big fucking smile "in your face. Underage Lolitas She was a beautiful day, sunny and warm. I went south on U. S.. UU. 89 north to U. S.. UU. 89Alt capture. to the map, it seemed a mistake, but because of geography and the interface of n by cliffs of Echo, which made ​​it all makes sense. the highway crosses the Colorado river a historic place of limeLEDs Navajo Bridge. " This is where I began my story, and where it gets interesting. National Park maintains a visitors center at Navajo Bridge, then which is a goal in the desert. There some local American Craft stalls, with the extreme limit of the Navajo reservation. I moved into the first parking area, and contained in the old bridge on foot open only to pedestrians. a modern road bridge built right by the road traffic. My fear of heights soon overcame me His thousand feet above the Colorado river in suspension. I found Hiking Underage Lolitas in the center of the bridge is not close to reaching the shore. I looked over the edge toward the center, took a few pictures, and soon land again. Just as I approached my car, grabbed my attention shiny car. was a new metallic silver Mustang convertible, my dream car. The upper cut oh n what a way to travel. he was a lonely town, and even at 100 degree of temperature, which looked very cool. I like people watching and This guy was interesting. He was 25 years tops, short dark hair, a military court , designer sunglasses and strong muscles tight spreads gray top of the tank. I could not stop looking when it came to cross the bridge. I find a place to sit in the shade and rest. I could not help myself from watching. He was about 6 feet tall, maybe 200 to 230 pounds with a single touch display of chest hair. He had a smile that would melt anyone. It s oozed sexuality from every pore, yet seemed friendly and sociable. I saw how it looked in the jewelry and crafts, passing in front of me. I to enjoy the scenery, but was intended to see. I stopped using , portable toilets, and waited, as I have. I smiled as made ​​contact with eyes, and muttered something like : ". I prefer of a tree, but you can find in this desert," he laughed, and caught the door and went. I could hear his urine hitting the plastic power, and who walked away. I returned to my seat in the shade. I saw him walk to his car, his again as a rental car on his forehead. He took out his card and spread on the hood of the Mustang. " Hey, I turn to the North Rim, you know how long it takes for the n here? " His smile made me almost in a trance. " I think it's another 2 hours, but I'm guessing. I I me. " " Cool. I've been told not spectacular. I hope you will not regret " \\ \\ n, he said. " not " I replied. "This is my second time, and it is n my past. Where do you live ? " " I've booked a small cabin. Do you? " 'I asked. " Ditto on the Bright Angel Lodge. " We talked for several minutes, and walked in the shade. I do not know how to describe it, but every fiber of my body was alive. My senses were sharp, and I missed anything about him. I could still smell of expensive cologne. Our conversation progressed rapidly, as if we old friends enjoy the same holiday time. I think both hungry for intelligent conversation. All returned soon both our cars and left. that was the first parking lot, and soon discovered my rear view mirrors. He passed me on the first attempt, waved as he did. in a few minutes, put it back, and we played a game of cat and mouse, enjoying every minute of driving and the intellectual challenge stimulation. that was out of sight, entering the park. I looked in shelter and on the way to my cabin. I was disappointed when unpacked n my stuff. I walked the paths and trails around the lodge and enjoyed my first look at s of the canyon from the lodge deck. It was so great that I had the first rocking chair available, and only got lost in the majesty s the place. meet reality only when I saw him sitting in the chair beside me. Vi over n, and was rewarded with his big smile of recognition. " You're right, " he said, ".. This is fantastic, by the way, my name is Eddie"He extended his hand and shook him. I never saw the introduction wants to end the handshake. " Do you want to dine at the restaurant?" 'I asked. " That would be great. " I replied. We have enjoyed a good meal with a great view of the canyon at sunset. that to tell our stories to end, and I found out I was in the army, You can enjoy a much needed time. He was single, studies also electrical engineer and was assigned to San Diego. I said, about my marriage failed, and was very nice. We said good night after watching the stars from the porch. I saw by Eddie at breakfast, when asked to sit at my table. How could I refuse to make such an offer ? Before I knew it, we had planned to walk along some trails. After some preparations, we went to Cabo Real, in his car n. The trip was exciting, which will continue throughout the day, the view watching. The day ended with an invitation to an evening drink in the roof of my cabin. after the re-miniscing about the experiences of the day, I said. "Man, my feet kill me," " Move your chair here and I'll rub your feet, helping to ", he suggested. do not hesitate to remove my shoes and socks and move my chair hand. Eddie has a foot massage on her lap and began a thorough. It was as I was in heaven. The new exactly where to rub, and for how long. When ending with the right foot, low on his knees and took his left foot. I was completely relaxed and hunched in the chair when I realized n to my right foot against his crotch. I got tired of not moving , but was able to recognize the softness of the balls, and increasing hardness of his penis. My moans and ` UHS and awhs were" the sexual energy, and foot massage. Do not want to end, , but it soon became the other foot. It just dropped the \\ \\ n foot addition to the first, and I still did not know what to do. "I think it 's my turn," said Eddie. " Sure," was all thatcould. I hate my feet in the lap of her s. He removed his shoes and socks and offered me his foot. Like the rest of it, which was great. I mimicked his techniques of massage, enjoy contact with the skin. When I finished, I carefully placed n in my step and grabbed my other foot. By relying on the foot of s were contacted and did not wake my manhood. I could feel , and toes moving against me as I stood up again. I could not believe n how erotic they have Eddie was moving his feet. I could not ignore longer than anyone else I woke up for another man. The events of recent days began playing in my head, in the drawing area rest, the peephole in the urinal, it all seems very innocent in comparison to what I feel in this time. Part of me wanted to push him away, and go inside and pretend that I felt nothing. Another part of the was sure he was innocent and accidental, Eddie may not be not even aware of what happened. andHowever, another part of me wanted to, sucking toes and push my legs around his foot in my way. It seemed that the moment was frozen in time when all these thoughts ran through my head. By the time he had to admit that Eddie was very to be aware of the movements of the foot, and I was very excited for another man. After processed through that opened my legs to give Eddie more accessible. His feet moved up and down my erection, and its evil smile told me that with the process. I was seduced n he felt flattered. I was attractive and not a damaged product, and my ​​self-esteem has been restored. Eddie was a genius of emotion. Soon, I could not concentrate on the other foot, and did so in my lap. I just saw his feet collaborated and researched. If someone happened, if nothing seems to extraordinary. Eddie, I was surprised when he suddenly stood up and around the porch light. I said nothing when he came to see then also "Why do not you goshorts off, "he suggested. I got up, and that was just down to the ankles. I was not wearing underwear, so that the whole movement was very fast and yet erotic. As their feet back, was the contact of the skin. his feet continued to stroke me until just a few minutes, I groaned and close to orgasm. Eddie never looked the other way as my ​​breath my throat and I could break the spasms along my ​​stomach and feet. was the most powerful orgasm of my life, I removed my center. everything went without a single word call or contact other than his Underage Lolitas feet. slimy feeling of sperm and his feet threatened to start the whole process again, but was aware that Eddie was not happy. " your Underage Lolitas turn " I whispered, though no one was around. was and let his pants and underwear. pulled the shirt. I tenderly my back foot on the step of Eddie. With only the light from a window No fence, I was his erection. It was not solid, such as porn films, but it was large and thick. He was circumcised, and I and the brilliant presence of pre - cum. She opened her legs and put my foot in contact with its rigidity. Her smile was replaced by eyes when sexual liberation urgently needed, especially the needs of others. I was careful to move the stand against rigidity. My healing was about his balls, so it was nice to my movements. Toes turned out to be s very intelligent, and he began to manipulate the wave. I had never seen before before the erection of new, and I wanted Underage Lolitas to see more, but not to break the mood. I never thought of a foot fetish before, but it may be something to it. I realized that I was always close to n , still rubbing against him. His facial expression all changed erupted shortly before his penis. Semen was everywhere and toes were treated, as I stopped the pumping action. Finally, I let my sticky feet resting on his lap. I was not sure what to do or say. Was I prepared to move things ? S it was? If you smoke a cigarette, butch and everything seems to overlook the fact that we cum n above us? In the end, Eddie announced that it was bedtime, and was put pants and shirt. I was a mess of conflicting emotions and desires, not to speak of bodily fluids s all about me. I had a hard time getting out of my brain as Sa from the waist down naked, alone in the dark. The need for sleep is the motivation to go and clean myself with another shower. in glow, I felt all kinds of negative emotions of guilt of self disgust. Sleep was fleeting, and full of disturbing dreams. As had seen our show, that at breakfast the next Eddie. I was hoping that could not overlook the obvious, and must have felt the same way. It was like sex never happened. Today we planned to go half way through the canyon in the Bright Angel Trail. It was hard work but worth the effort by the beauty of cut. It was late afternoon when againa the hostel. We agreed to meet again at dinner and a shower. then Eddie invited me to his cabin for a drink, and I was rubbing one foot in the hope of. The balcony was a bit smaller than mine. We sat and drank even Coca Underage Lolitas -Cola. What I can say ? What to do? As I thought of a plan, Eddie was ready. ", boy, my back pain is sure to rise today. " He moved to stretch, as if , and moaned in pain. as a little slow, had no intention of your comment. that stretched a little more, and I saw the invitation. "Am How about a back rub ? I pretty well. " I replied. " Hey, that sounds perfect. Let us enter and move around comfortably. " I had not thought of. Was I willing to go ? At the end of my Dick had already decided for me and took her inside. Eddie steals a a riders and lying on the bed. Her white underwear against his dark skin was very erotic. He had a bottle of mineral the side of the bed. He had thought of this, and I was part of thethe plan. "Why did not feel comfortable first, and I will, if you have already completed ". Eddie suggested. " I get nothing in my pants. " "Whatever," was his simple answer. I quickly removed my pants and climbed into the bed and straddled his legs. I poured the oil in the hollow of your back gently, and began to work on the neck and shoulders. I had to scoot up close to in the ass to get anywhere. I could feel the warmth of her ass against my cock as I pressed. I was more hard work rose neck. " I can help lower your underwear to work in the buttocks ? " I asked. " Sure," I carefully removed the elastic waist. I went down, Underage Lolitas down, and that are needed. The tissue was placed in its fold, and spread her legs to free her. pulled until they are completely changed. Her ass was a bit of work, a sculpture by Michelangelo. da s nearly hairless, flawless. I was working the large muscles, and allow work my thumb closer to the center. I added more oil and let it drip about their differences. I worked harder and finally got my first glimpse of his tight pink sphincter. The scrotum hanging lazily below. I've never seen a this part of the anatomy, and was eager to explore and touch everything. that eventually had to work on your thighs, legs and finally the fingers. foot down, I took my foot in my hands and gave special n to get attention. If there is nothing more than rubbing, fast left afraid that he was asleep. I was uncomfortable standing there, hand mount. If I had gone too now? I was trying my shorts again. Hell, I only had fingers in the ass, and he liked it, obviously. " Your turn," I suggested. Eddie turned his head and his eyes were drawn to my place erection evident. "to massage the back, right? " He asked. "Whatever... " I said, my smile almost too big for my face. " Here, let's change of place. " Eddie stood up, his own erection pointing to of his navel. It was like bending swords duel plAces. I Take my erection in front to feel comfortable in bed. Eddie rose my ​​ass and started rubbing around the neck strong and with the oil. It was , almost too much, and my erection began to sink, he come to in the ass. Here was soft and gave much attention. Extended my hand legs and began to work near my anus. I had never touched there, but his touch was very sensual and fun. Apply more oil and began working with the finger in the center of the aperture. Round and it all went, until he moved inside. I was in heaven, and I feel could there is a leak in the quilt. He was more and more until he found my prostate, but in contrast to the medical examination was the only fun principal. As soon as it began, he moved up my thighs. He worked to my ​​feet, sitting on my ass, as she bent my legs at the knees to massage them. I was in heaven. When he finished, he turned from me and sat in bed. "Roll over," he demanded. Quickly I complied, my cock jumped desperate for attention, in the view. Without warning, Eddie simply leaned forward and took him to the mouth. I s back arched as he pushed deeper into her hot mouth. There was only one tease, that he intended the latter. He filled my belly with oil and the n began Underage Lolitas to work the muscles in my chest, shoulders and arms. Special attention was paid around my finger. I was relaxed and eyes closed and mouth until I felt swallow again. My surprise was quickly replaced my urgent need to cum. This time it stopped. The finger in my ass again when hungry suck my cock. I had done this before, obviously, and I was able to on the edge. He retired from nibbling my shaft as if it were an ear corn. I could see my pre -cum sludge from the slot. He looked into my eyes as the liquid with the tongue. This may not stop sucking play until just in the mouth. I was amazed at how much cum n produced. When it was over, Eddie's face was covered. Eddie i stopped cleaningn the bathroom. When he returned, I was rewarded with a spectacular view of the body and assembly, illuminated by light from the bathroom n. It was absolutely perfect ! He sat on the chair side, and I n moved quickly on the floor between his legs. It was my first time, so that gradually explored by touch feel the texture of the skin of the tail his balls, the recognition of the smell, the taste of the bright liquid in the the top. His pubic hair was trimmed and his balls were absolutely smooth. His wave was too big to have all but made ​​up for it n with enthusiasm. Your need for disclosure was clear he was about back and closed his eyes. I combined my hands and mouth, when I brought him orgasm. I wanted to see it end, so when he was around, I have only my hands. I pointing to the face. Eddie took over the pumps and the increased speed , when the first explosion covered my face. My face was covered, if s, he said. I could not stop to prove, and was surprised by the mild flavor. My knees hurt so apart and lay down on his feet. My erection had returned, or you may never leave, and I started to play I n. I got some runs on my face and started with the piston known the action. Eddie looked at me like I n I took out my second orgasm ight. Knowing he was watching everything you need to get me. After I was too tired to move. Eddie has a warm washcloth clean the face and stomach. His touch was very gentle and relaxing. He pointed me to his bed and slid my hand. I was so exhausted satisfied that I had fallen asleep in minutes. Comments, suggestions or just to show your appreciation, e- mail to show my riverrat56 hotmail. com.
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